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B2B Lead Generation

Build more leads by identifying who is visiting your website.
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Cloud Data Synchronization

Sync and integrate your cloud data with 1,000+ supported technologies.
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API for developers

Seamlessly build data and insights into your own solutions from our enhanced APIs.
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What is MiragetLeads?

B2B Lead Generation

Discover which businesses are visiting your website.

Our B2B lead generation tool allows you to identify and understand the people who matter to you the most – your customers, prospects and contacts.

Miraget’s B2B Lead Generation software will recognise your website business visitors and report the company profile, how they found you and what they’re interested in. This information can integrate seamlessly into your sales and marketing processes enabling you to explore new opportunities. Miraget lead forensics allows you to quickly respond to potential customers who have already shown an interest into your products or services before they choose your competitors.

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Cloud Data Synchronization

Seamless Cloud Data Integration Supporting Multiple Technologies

Save time, effort, and reduce your operational costs. Let MiragetConnector, our Cloud Data Synchronization tool seamlessly integrate your data in near real time between cloud applications and databases, allowing you to focus on other important areas of your business.

Integrate your data quickly and easily with no coding and no need for special knowledge. Data backup, migration, synchronization.

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Andrew Garon
“A reliable solution that helped us synchronise critical data to our Splunk big data platform. Great service!”
Rex Watson
“Amazing fast and reliable Lead generation product with 1/10 the competitors cost !  Thanks!”
Barney Smith
“We integrated our website with Insightly CRM at the click of a button. #HappyCustomer.”

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