Announcement – MiragetConnector

Dear friends,

We hope you all had a productive start of the new year 2020.

Here at MIRAGET it has been a long year as we have been working hard to respond to the challenges involved in maintaining a successful product that meet consumers’ expectations and the ever growing demand of our two core offerings, MiragetLeads and MiragetConnector.

We have been very fortunate to gain the trust of both smaller and larger businesses from across the globe who are using our services to fulfil part of their daily operations in Sales, Marketing, and IT, allowing them to become more efficient, and respond better to serving their clients.

In our own effort to better serve our customers we are always seeking ways to become more efficient and bring more value to everyone choosing to use our services.

Our annual review showed that MiragetConnector, our cloud-to-cloud synchronisation tool, and the associated sub-versions for the multiple CMSs, are challenging to develop and maintain.

Hence as of January 2020 we have decided to suspend further development of MiragetConnector, and focus our efforts and resources exclusively to MiragetLeads, our B2B leads generation platform.

As already communicated to our current paid customers, we will continue to support them until their subscriptions expire to ensure that there is enough time to make a considered, secure decision about the next steps, as there are no updates of the tool in our road map for 2020.

The MIRAGET team would like to thank all and every single one of you who have chosen to use MiragetConnector for your business and personal needs over the past 2 years.

Our goal is to built further upon the experience built over the past years and as we do so, we will work with our developer partners and customers, to roll out new features, improved support, and we can ensure that we keep doing just that.