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Introducing Miraget APIs

Seamlessly Integrate Miraget Services To Your Systems

Miraget provides an API service to its users, allowing to be embedded into your current client website capabilities.
Miraget | B2B Lead Generation - Cloud Data Synchronization - API Provider (code)

MiragetLeads API

Identify anonymous visitors of your website from search engines.

MiragetConnector API

Automate cloud data synchronization across multiple services.
How It Works

Have a look at the code samples below for a sneak peek into how our API works.


curl -H 'X-Api-Key: X4UOlhDaCMUsXXQCMhRuCTCzBjEMOYQw5TM9' https://api.miraget.com/IP?IP=

Response :

"country": "MY",


"Kuala Lumpur",

"district": "",

"city": "Kuala Lumpur",

"zipcode": "50502",

"latitude": 3.139,

"longitude": 101.687,

"geoname_id": 1735161,

"timezone_offset": 8.0,

"timezone_name": "Asia/Kuala_Lumpur",

"isp_name": "Tmnet",

"connection_type": "",

"organization_name": "Tmnet, Telekom Malaysia Bhd.",

"company_uid": "Tmnet, Telekom Malaysia Bhd."


REST Plugins Enriched IP API

Requestcurl -H 'X-Api-Key: 4UOlhDaCMUsXXQCMhRuCTCzBjEMOYQw5TM9' https://api.miraget.com/plugin?IP=

Response :{

"country": "NL",

"stateprov": "North Brabant",

"district": "Gemeente Schijndel",

"city": "Schijndel",

"zipcode": "5482",

"latitude": 51.6075, "longitude": 5.4672,

"geoname_id": 2747584,

"timezone_offset": 2.0,

"timezone_name": "Europe/Amsterdam",

"isp_name": "KPN Internet",

"connection_type": "",

"organization_name": "Atlas Magnetics Netherlands BV",

"phone": "+31 73 544 1050",

"website": "a-m-g.com",

"email": "info@jlmag.eu;",

"address1": "A-M Manufacturing B.V.",

"address2": "Madame Curieweg 15, 5482 TL Schijndel, Netherlands",

"last_update": "2018/10/21",

"number_employees": “200-500”,

"dateofincorp": “2018/12/01”,

"nature_of_business": “Internet”


REST Cloud Synchronization API

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Miraget APIs For Testing

  • Reduce the cost and risk associated with calling 3rd party APIs during testing.
  • Allow for robust testing and development to minimize potential issues reduce time-to-market.
  • Simulate error scenarios with your systems

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All our APIs, along with README documents and screenshots, are available to download at miraget.com. Our API library is regularly updated. For any further assistance or inquiries, email us at contact@miraget.com