Answering the question of ‘who is visiting my website?’

How can I identify companies visiting my website?
How to generate B2B leads from my website visitors?

MiragetLeads enables B2B companies to identify and authentically connect with people who matter the most.

What is MiragetLeads?

MiragetLeads is a B2B Lead Generation tool, which analyses billions pieces of information using a powerful engine, that allows you to see which companies are visiting your business website in real time.

Our B2B Lead Generation tool helps to reveal the identity of the visitor’s company and shows you their public contact details. It displays the lead profile data such as business information, website, industry sector, as well as contact details such as telephone numbers, emails and more.

Furthermore harnessing AI algorithms the tool also shows you LinkedIn profiles of people from the organisations that visited your website.

This information can integrate seamlessly into your sales and marketing processes giving you opportunities to convert new leads into customers.

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How can I grow my business with MiragetLeads B2B Lead Generation?

Turn your website visitors into quality leads

Identify and connect with your customers across channels

Personalize your products and services and improve your Marketing ROI

Build authentic, lasting relationships through deeper understanding of customers


LinkedIn Profiles

Powerful AI algorithm not only detecting your visitors company but also showing you the LinkedIn contacts from the visitor’s organisation.

Find email addresses in seconds

Get the email addresses of the company and of the employees were available and connect with them in seconds without the need to search their website or use other third party services.

Real-Time Analytics

Understand how visitors interact and view your content throughout your website. Leads overview, browser details, industry sector and geographical charts in one convenient place.

Empower your sales team

Centralised sales team collaboration and administration. Give access to larger teams of up to 20 employees allowing you to manage leads across your organisation and reach to prospects faster than ever before.

How many leads will you generate?

No coding required

Compatible with any website technology and can be installed in two forms


An easy to install MiragetLeads plugin is available for Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.

Miraget B2B Leads CMS


A simple JavaScript snippet is available supporting any other CMS (Content Management System) or website technology (php, html).

JavaScript (show code)
Paste the following code at the footer of your website: <script type="text/javascript" data-url="https://miraget.com/api/api.php" src="https://miraget.com/api/jsapp.js"></script>

Effortless CRM integration

Reduce time to action by automatically updating your CRM tool with any new leads.


MiragetLeads - Integrations

What value MiragetLeads can bring to your business?

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  • Increase sales of products or services
  • Enrich customer profile insights
  • Cross-sell products that you have detected an interest in
  • Track elusive leads and identify your ideal buyer and target audience
  • Link enquiries back to their sources
  • Increase digital/online ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Streamline marketing channel activities
  • Lead Management & Routing
  • Landing page conversions
  • Personalised newsletter & Email Tracking
  • Receive Notifications & Alerts for customers visiting your website
  • Work with your sales teams to capture and recognize different types of leads
  • Create campaigns that engage customers and advance deals


Can I increase my marketing ROI using lead generation tools like MiragetLeads?

You can increase the return of your digital investment by finding out who visits your business website and turning them from anonymous lurkers to sales prospects. MiragetLeads enables you to quickly respond to potential customers who have already shown an interest to your products or services for a non-invasive sales inquiry before they choose a competitor.

Now let your imagination free and explore creative ways to develop multiple sales process flows to turn valuable leads into real customers and bring value to your business.

Enrich customer profile information and improve relationships with your current clients by offering them customized services, present products they are most likely to be interested in, cross-sell others that they have not enquired yet about, or setting real time alerts as they visit your company site.


Finding the right B2B lead generation or prospect identification tool, can be overwhelming. There are simply too many fish in the sea, and while it’s tempting to make a hasty decision, you first need to research what’s out there before settling down.


Here is a features comparison between MiragetLeads and two selected alternative software.

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