Lead Generation

Can you detect every company that visits my website?

Some clients before subscribing to our services often ask us if they will be able to see detailed information for every company that visits their website.

Part of this confusion is perhaps down to advertising claims that 98% of website visitors don’t enquire so effectively a lead generation service will reveal you who all these people are.

It is a simple fact that the majority of visitors of a business website are individuals that by law can not be detected. Depending on the industry sector your company is serving you can identify typically between 10% and 30% of your website visitors as being from companies. Those can be further analysed in order to built the profile of that visitor.

But why not all?

The simple reason is that when someone visits your website, they will be identifiable by an IP address related to where they accessed your website.  This is a sequence of numbers. For example,

Some IP addresses can be linked back to the name of an organisation/business. For many other, especially smaller businesses this is not possible.

When someone from an IP address visits your website, MiragetLeads will track the movements through your website page by page so that you can gain a greater understanding of how people reacted to your pages.

At Miraget, we process the original IP data and we analyse billion other pieces of web information to match these data to an easier to see the organisation/company name, their website url, and a phone number.

Depending on the traffic volume of your B2B website even a smaller percentage f identified visitors however can still have tremendous value, depending on what you do with the knowledge that companies have visited your website.

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We believe in offering valuable data, and we always try to improve the accuracy of the emails we provide you in your leads portal.

In order to show you emails from your leads those must first pass a set of criteria to ensure their deliverability (emails that won’t bounce).

Types of emails we show are:

As you can see it is not always possible to detect and verify every single email from an organisation. In those cases the system will not show emails that might not have the minimum level of accuracy.