Automate CLOUD DATA SYNCHRONIZATION across systems or applications with MiragetConnector

Simple GUI - Auto-Sync - Near Real Time - Schedduling Options

As of January 2020 we have decided to suspend development of MiragetConnector. Support will continue for current paid customers, however there will be no further versions of the tool.

All web pages related to MiragetConnector will remain for reference purposes.

How can I synchronise my website and cloud data with SaaS platforms, CMS, or relational databases?

MiragetConnector can help you to automatically sync and integrate data of varying formats between cloud apps and relational databases. Data are synchronized in near real time.

The tool’s user friendly visual interface allows you to easily configure your data synchronization, no coding or extensive technical knowledge required.

Cloud Data Sync Made Easy

Step 1

Install MiragetConnector plugin

Step 2

Select the tables to sync (one or multiple tables) from the table option

Step 3

Select the destination(target) tables

Step 4

Set the source & target credentials, enrich data

Step 5

Submit to automatically synchronise your data

It’s easy to get started

And it’s free. Two things everyone loves.

Supported Cloud Data Targets

Supported Cloud Data Sources

Supported CMS

Miraget - MiragetConnector - Cloud Data Sync Supported Technologies graph


What tool should I use to automatically synchronize my application and system data in near real time?

  • You can use MiragetConnector. Please see the list of supported Source and Target systems. 

Can I use MiragetConnector for a two-way (bidirectional) sync?

  • MiragetConnector can only perform one-way sync, from your website to a cloud service (for the full list of supported targets check this page).

Are my data safe?

  • Yes, data are encrypted with SSL in movement.

What if my source or target system or application is not available?

  • We will automatically pick up from where we stopped once the system becomes available. No manual intervention required. The process is fully automated.

What if I require a custom solution?

  • We value our customers and we want to ensure we can provide the best service. Please contact us with your requirements and we will happily discuss your specific needs. 

More questions?

  • We welcome questions about our products and services. Please get in touch if you require more information by using our contact form here.

Still not sure or you have questions?

Would like to see some examples?


See our available plugins for Drupal, the free and open source content-management framework.


MiragetConnector is available as an extension for Joomla CMS so you can sync 300+ applications.


MiragetConnector for the open-source e-commerce platform can help you sync across 600+ apps.


With our MiragetConnector for the popular WordPress CMS you can sync between 1,000+ technologies.