Best 5 B2B Sales & Marketing Tools for 2019

The business landscape is becoming ever so difficult and competitive especially for small and midsize companies. We live without a doubt in an era that for most businesses, irrespective of size, a paradigm shift has taken place. Customer interaction & acquisition has moved overwhelmly to the digital platform.

In this article we present you 5 sales and marketing tools for B2B companies to add to your 2019 arsenal.

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Pricing: Starting at $64.99/month

The professional social network that needs to introduction. One platform that should be in your B2B sales process is the use of LinkedIn.

With more than half a billion accounts this network has most of the company information and employee information you need, this is a must-use platform to build your relationships and source your prospects. Yet, LinkedIn also had a specific sales feature they call Sales Navigator. If your budget allows for a single B2B sales tools, then Sales Navigator is hard to beat.

This sales tool also features a sophisticated algorithm to give you lead recommendations that are tailored to you, understanding your buyers, ways to personally engage, but it doesn’t stop there. You can track market opportunities, growing companies, and careers of your most prized customers. The data you find improve your outreach and makes it easier to connect with the right people.



Pricing: Starting at $59 per user per month when billed annually., is a streamlined platform for sales professionals focused on ensuring maximum sales productivity.

The allows for a sales workflow optimized to help you close more deals. It shows your calls, emails, and tasks under a single dashboard, and it integrates with other platforms you might be using (like Zendesk or HipChat). The tool also has a lot of features aimed at tracking your team performance.


3. MiragetLeads

Pricing: Starting from free for up to 100 identifications per month.

As all marketers know customer acquisition no matter the platform is expensive. What if companies use tools to leverage already existing infrastructure to get the most out of it?

MiragetLeads is an easy to use tool that identifies visitors of your website coming from companies and shows you their contact details for non-invasive follow-up from your sales teams.

The tool can be installed to any website with plugins for Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and WordPress plugins also available.

MiragetLeads - Screenshot


4. Prezi

Pricing: Several versions available – Starting at £19/mo for Expert Presenters

From a small team or to a board of senior executives, just about everyone needs to present information at some point. In any case, nobody wins if that presentation is boring, typical, and easy to forget. That’s why Prezi created conversational presenting, a highly visual, flexible, story-based approach to sharing information that engages rather than overwhelms. By opening up a dialogue with your audience and using strategic visual storytelling, Prezi allows you to develop presentations that are infinitely more persuasive, memorable, and successful.



Pricing: Free version available – Paid packaged starting at 34€ / month billed annually.

Hunter lets you find email addresses in seconds and connect with the people that matter for your business. It allows you to find the email of a specific person within a company to directly contact them or verify an email ensuring it’s deliverability.




Today, there are more tools aimed at sales & marketing teams than ever before. Selecting the best sales tools for your business needs is a decision which can help you grow your sales pipeline for years.

We hope that this list will help you make that decision. B2B sales are hard, but with the right toolset, it’s more than possible to outsmart your competition and secure the deal you worked for.


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