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How to Install MiragetConnector for Drupal

In this post we will show you how to install and configure MiragetConnector for Drupal CMS.

Table of contents

Step 1. Login to your Drupal website as an administrator
Step 2. Click on the Extend Tab at the top menu bar 
Step 3. Download the MiragetConnector plugin for Drupal
Step 4. “Install new module”
Step 5. Enable newly added modules
Step 6. Configure the plugin
Step 7. MiragetConnector Settings

Step 1. To begin with you must login to your Drupal website as an administrator.

  • Drupal 8:

E.g. https://yourdomain.com/user/login

Step 2. Once signed-in click on the Extend Tab at the top menu bar

Step 3. Open a new tab on your browser

Go to miraget.com/plugin-downloads/  to download the MiragetConnector plugin for Drupal

Step 4. “Install new module”

Return to your Drupal Extensions tab and click on “Install new module”

In the popup window navigate to the MiragetConnectorDrupal plugin you have just downloaded and click on install

Step 5. Enable newly added modules

In the next message that the installation was completed successfully, select to enable newly added modules.

Tip: Enter “miraget” in the search bar to help you find the plugin faster.

Step 6. One enabled click on configure to start with the plugin setup.

Step 7. MiragetConnector Settings

General Settings

Here you have options for:

A) Enabling/Disabling the service

B) Your Miraget Token (should be automatically generated)

C) The number of data/raws you wish to sync

D) Enrich leads (leave it at the default “no” setting)

E) The time interval the service will run

Specific Settings

This is where the main setup of the plugin is done.

Source: Refers to the specific table of your website’s database that you wish to have synced to one of the supported services.

MiragetConnector will auto-detect a number of tables from a pool of supported modules* and you will need to chose the one you wish for your requirements.

*For the full list of supported modules click this banner.

[su_spoiler title=”Drupal Supported Modules” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron”][ “Toolbar Anti-flicker”, “Elfsight Contact Form Module”, “Bizible Marketing Analytics”, “X References”, “Webform”, “Rules”, “Purge”, “Panelizer”, “Mailchimp”, “Conflict”, “SEO Checklist”, “SendGrid Integration”, “Tour UI”, “Salesforce Suite”, “Comment Notify”, “FillPDF”, “URLs queuer”, “Commerce order number”, “Sparkpost email”, “Marketo MA”, “RedHen CRM”, “Commerce EPN Payment Gateway”, “Google Analytics”, “Metatag”, “Views Bulk Operations (VBO)”, “Mail System”, “Email Field”, “Strongarm”, “Better Exposed Filters”, “Address Field”, “Honeypot”, “Feeds”, “Universally Unique IDentifier”, “Mime Mail”, “Voting API”, “Lightbox2”, “EU Cookie Compliance”, “Scheduler”, “Drupal Commerce”, “Simplenews”, “Module Missing Message Fixer”, “Nodequeue”, “Login Destination”, “GMap Module”, “Token Filter”, “Services”, “Cache Expiration”, “Fences”, “Elysia Cron”, “Geocoder”, “Breakpoints”, “Security Review”, “Imagecache Token”, “Crop API”, “GoogleTagManager”, “Email Registration”, “Ubercart”, “Real Name”, “Twitter”, “Manual Crop”, “Rabbit Hole”, “Varnish”, “Mailchimp”, “Address”, “Acquia Connector”, “Message”, “Commerce Shipping”, “UUID Features Integration”, “Swift Mailer”, “Commerce PayPal”, “Publish Content”, “Poormanscron”, “Spambot”, “Simplify”, “Contact Storage”, “Commerce Flat Rate”, “User Points”, “Domain Access”, “Vocabulary Permissions Per Role”, “Real-time SEO for Drupal”, “Countries”, “Redis”, “Google Analytics Tokenizer”, “Commerce Discount”, “Configuration Split”, “Commerce features”, “Administration Language”, “Google Analytics Email”, “Commerce Addressbook”, “Commerce Backoffice”, “Quote”, “Porter-Stemmer”, “Config Ignore”, “Commerce AutoSKU”, “Modernizr”, “Drupal Commerce Extra Price Formatters”, “PHPMailer”, “Commerce Stock”, “Commerce Checkout Progress”, “Reroute Email”, “Commerce Coupon”, “Quiz”, “Commerce Message”, “Google Analytics Reports”, “Prepopulate”, “Key”, “Office Hours”, “Workbench Access”, “Paranoia”, “Custom Tokens”, “GTranslate”, “Google AdSense integration”, “Commerce Migrate”, “Commerce Checkout Redirect”, “Variable Email”, “Browser class”, “Matomo Analytics”, “Field default token”, “Commerce Discount Extra”, “Colorbox Load”, “OpenAPI”, “Footer Message”, “Opigno Calendar App”, “Node and Comments Form Settings”, “Facet API Taxonomy Sort”, “Config Pages”, “Flag Abuse”, “Webform Confirm Email Address”, “Opigno Messaging App”, “Nagios monitoring”, “Secure Permissions”, “User Settings Access”, “Static field”, “Content Type Clone”, “Statistics Advanced”, “Domain Path”, “Dynamic properties”, “Commerce coupon fixed amount”, “Opigno TinCan API”, “Currency”, “Conflict”, “Statistics Counter”, “Payment”, “Replication”, “Protected Pages”, “Mail Logger”, “Commerce Customizable Products”, “oEmbed”, “cctags”, “RELAXed Web Services”, “Role Export”, “Language Switcher”, “Commerce Physical Product”, “Advanced Poll”, “SoundCloud field”, “Commerce Custom Offline Payments”, “Commerce Rules Extra”, “Simple Password Reset”, “Smart IP”, “Commerce American Express Payment Gateway (Amex)”, “DataTables”, “Commerce extra panes”, “User Stats”, “Commerce Authorize.Net”, “Commerce Sale Price”, “SendGrid Integration”, “Commerce Stripe”, “Shorten URLs”, “Commerce Multicurrency”, “Commerce Google Analytics”, “GA Push”, “Consumers”, “Commerce Price Savings Formatter”, “Htaccess”, “Commerce Custom Order Status”, “Commerce Currency Settings”, “Certificate”, “Webform Encrypt”, “CookieConsent”, “OpenID Connect”, “Workbench Scheduler”, “Simplenews Scheduler”, “General Data Protection Regulation”, “Automatic IP ban (Autoban)”, “Webform Tokens”, “Salesforce Suite”, “Internationalization contributions”, “Simple Anti-Spam”, “SMS Framework”, “Opigno”, “Commerce Invoice Receipt”, “RSS Permissions”, “Commerce coupon percentage”, “Commerce Agree Terms”, “Advanced queue”, “Bank Transfer – Ubercart Payment”, “Payment for Drupal Commerce”, “Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP)”, “Elasticsearch Connector”, “Date Repeat Entity”, “Opigno TinCan API”, “Facet API Collapsible”, “Commerce Cart Ajax”, “Safeword”, “Google AdWords Conversion Tracking”, “Web Service Clients”, “Absolute Messages”, “Commerce Checkout Pages”, “UC Free Order Payment Method”, “Apachesolr Term”, “Barcode”, “Commerce File”, “Varnish purger”, “GAnalytics (gacsp)”, “Opigno TinCan Question Type”, “Rules URL Argument”, “Search exclude nid”, “Commerce Product Clone”, “Commerce Card on File”, “Google Analytics Counter”, “Commerce Billy Mail”, “Yandex Services Authorization API”, “Push Notifications”, “Commerce Fees”, “Commerce Checkout Login”, “Commerce Cheque”, “Commerce Wishlist”, “Session cookie lifetime”, “Scald YouTube”, “SiteCatalyst”, “Habitat”, “QuikWallet”, “Frameprevention”, “e-Commerce”, “Amazon Product Advertisement API”, “Contest”, “Pay”, “ACH Payment Gateway”, “Frameprevention”, “Contest”, “eC Live Subproducts”, “La Caixa payment gateway”, “e-Commerce Sale”, “e-Commerce PayFlow Pro”, “e-Commerce – TrustCommerce Payments”, “Openresort Community Edition”, “Tax Receipt”, “PayPal Node”, “e-Commerce Location”, “Tax by taxonomy”, “Caixa Penedes”, “quantity_discount”, “SaleMail”, “Donate Records”, “Donate Project”, “Price gun”, “Signup Pay for a node”, “Affiliate Products Shop”, “e-Commerce – CommWeb Payment Gateway”, “Signup Ecommerce Integration”, “Invoices”, “Pay2Publish”, “Clieop Dutch Direct Payment”, “e-Commerce Google Checkout”, “Direct Debit Payment”, “e-Commerce – Autopay”, “Zen Cart Integration”, “Ubercart Donation Products”, “Ubercart Payment Method Adjustments”, “UC Marketing”, “Ubercart Manufacturers”, “webmoney – Webmoney payment gateway”, “UC Purchase Order”, “Node fee”, “Simple Beanstream”, “Payment API”, “ec_prochange – Yandex payment gateway”, “Ubercart Addresses”, “Role Subscription e-Commerce Paid Subscription Management”, “Ogone – Ubercart payment”, “ec_egold -E-gold payment gateway”, “pgapi – Payment Gateway API”, “uc_roboxchange – RoboXchange payment gateway”, “ec_roboxchange – RoboXchange payment gateway”, “Ubercart Importer”, “uc_prochange – Yandex payment gateway”, “e-Commerce SKU Inventory (ec_skuinv)”, “Ubercart Multi Catalog Blocks”, “UC Google Checkout”, “e-Commerce Statistics (ec_stats)”, “Quickbooks API”, “uc_egold – E-Gold payment gateway”, “UC Node Access”, “Ubercart Save for Later”, “Übercart Sponsorship”, “EC Role Price”, “Ubercart Turkish Banks Gateway (3D Secure)”, “Ubercart Text Based Best Sellers Blocks”, “UC Node Checkout”, “Apachesolr Ubercart Integration”, “UC NAB Transact”, “Ubercart Marketplace”, “Ubercart Restrictions”, “Ubercart Quickbooks Integration”, “Product import module: Amazon AWS”, “iDEAL Easy – Ubercart Payment”, “IDEAL Lite – Ubercart Payment”, “Marketplace”, “Ecommerce Node Access Product (Abandoned)”, “Ubercart Webform Productize”, “FreshBooks API”, “Ubercart Stock Manager With Attributes”, “UC USAePay”, “SMS payment gateway for Drupal eCommerce (mobillcash)”, “UC Worldpay”, “Ubercart Custom Price”, “UC Discounts”, “UC PayPoint”, “EZShop”, “Ubercart Atos/Sips”, “eWay payment gateway for e-Commerce”, “e-Commerce – Ogone payment gateway”, “Order Total Discount”, “PrivatBank Payment Gateway”, “UC PagSeguro – Ubercart payment”, “ec_linkpoint, Linkpoint payment method using e-commerce api”, “Ubercart VAT Number”, “Kaltura”, “DineroMail Payment for Ubercart”, “Ubercart Stock Notify”, “UC Promotions”, “Epoch Payment Gateway”, “alipay – Ubercart”, “UC Attribute Stock Filter”, “EC In Stock Filter”, “Moneris Payment Gateway for Ubercart”, “CCNOW payment gateway for Drupal eCommerce API”, “Ubercart PayTrace Payment Gateway”, “e-Commerce – Authorize.net Payments”, “FedEx Shipping”, “Reorder button for Ubercart”, “UC Discount Framework”, “Papilia”, “PGAPI Moneris Payment Gateway”, “UC Store Credit”, “UC Gift Certificate”, “ec_ClickandBuy payment module for Drupal eCommerce”, “SMS Payments API”, “Ubercart Alternative Price”, “Ubercart Views”, “Ubercart Price Quotes”, “Digital 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Membership”, “Commerce Url Hash”, “Flo2cash API level integration”, “Flo2Cash Webform integration”, “HDFC SI”, “Behpardakht Mellat”, “Zarinpal”, “Iranian bank gateway for drupal”, “Iranian tools”, “Taghvim”, “Commerce EasyPost”, “Ubercart Marketplace Tokens”, “Ubercart Price per User”, “Coupon as a Product”, “Ubercart Attribute Default URL Parameters”, “UC SecurePayTech”, “Ubercart Restricted Product Groups”, “Ubercart multiple purchase discounts”, “bs_inventory”, “Ubercart Elavon”, “Commerce Apple Pay (Stripe)”, “Shopping List”, “Drupal Commerce Bucks Net Integration”, “Commerce sale rank.”, “Simplify Commerce for D8”, “WorldCore commerce”, “WorldCore ubercart”, “AdTechMedia”, “eWay”, “SuiteTalk”, “Commerce Shipping Econt”, “Cart Product Filter”, “Pagar.me”, “Commerce Paymentwall”, “Commerce Shippo”, “Todo Pago Payment for Ubercart”, “VisualN Commerce”, “Commerce packing slips pdf”, “Commerce Exit Bee”, “Commerce Country Store”, “Commerce ekomi”, “Commerce Kyash”, “ApplePay”, 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“Commerce Target2Sell”, “Commerce OpenBoleto”, “Kyash”, “Commerce SMSpay”, “Commerce Baggage Freight”, “Simplify Commerce”, “Drupal Commerce Judopay Integration”, “Drupal Commerce DOTGO Integration”, “Ghostery”, “Lighthouse”, “Clerk IO”, “reactor.am”, “Commerce Verified Reviews”, “Smartcoin”, “Commerce PBD”, “Plugnpay Payment”, “Infospace (Blucora) ads”, “Beatport API”, “XMLCharts – Industrial and Precious Metals Prices”, “Congratulations on Anniversary Order”, “EE Commerce”, “Commerce Weixin Pyament”, “YPlan”, “Multispeak”, “Commerce Andreani”, “Commerce Urbano”, “Commerce Chase”, “Canvaspop API”, “Taxonomy blocks (rsm project)”, “Banklink”, “Zombaio”, “Commerce eParcel”, “Commerce ADS”, “Commerce SimplePay”, “Commerce VoguePay”, “Commerce BlueSnap”, “Zoetrope Viewer”, “Ubercart Netregistry Payment Gateway”, “Installments field”, “Ripple”, “Commerce Startrack”, “Saffron – Sage Accounts connector for Drupal Commerce”, “Commerce Priceminister”, “Criteo”, “Nosto Tagging for Drupal Ubercart”, “transferuj.pl”, “Payulatam”, “AB Tasty”, “Moip Commerce Integration”, “PayPal Payment Pro for Payment”, “Ledger Cost Center”, “Showoff Unit”, “Showoff Fields”, “Showoff Feeds”, “Optify”, “Commerce VWO Revenue”, “Commerce Neteller”, “Commerce Unleashed”, “Coin”, “Coin Address”, “Product Case Tracker for Ubercart”, “Paytrail”, “Scald Commerce Product”, “tracdelight”, “Coull Vidlinkr”, “Commerce Shipwire”, “Open Exchange Rate Money.js”, “Novalnet Payment Module – Commerce Kickstart”, “Commerce Estimate”, “Commerce Vend”, “Commerce Marketplace Sauce”, “EDB-BRUGSEN”, “Commerce Virtex”, “Yandex Money”, “UC Payone”, “UC_Infinet”, “Commerce Emporiki”, “Mixed session”, “Novalnet Payment Module – Drupal Commerce”, “Commerce CIMB Clicks”, “Commerce MEPS FPX”, “Omnistar Affiliate”, “Smart Contracts”, “UC Xend”, “Tenpay -Ubercart”, “Authorize.net for Payment”, “Commerce_Securepay”, “Aegir Commerce Integration”, “Ubercart Merchant One Gateway Integration”, “WebducateAPI”, “Commerce Ecard”, “Google Doubleclick For Publishers (DFP)”, “Commerce Fulfilment via OMS”, “Ubercart Nelnet payment gateway”, “Commerce PDFTemplate Invoice”, “Showoff Image”, “Showoff Video”, “MERCI Pricing”, “Plans (Product Plans)”, “e-Commerce – Invoice”, “Borgun Iceland Payment”, “Quickpaylite”, “Deputise”, “Simple Pay”, “Ubercart Pinnacle Payment Solutions”, “Finnish Web Payments Payment Method”, “Copernica Connector”, “FBConnect Bridge”, “Commerce Netcash”, “Bitcoin”, “Econt shipping method for Ubercart”, “Ads by Komoona”, “Tycoon Web Service”, “Commerce ConnectShip”, “Ubercart Nets payment”, “Commerce EzyPay”, “Wazala eCommerce”, “Ubercart Worldnet”, “e-Commerce – Autopay”, “e-Commerce – FedEx Shipping”, “UC Receipt”, “e-Commerce – TrustCommerce Payments”, “Direct Debit Payment”, “e-Commerce – User Account”, “e-Commerce – Authorize.net Payments”, “e-Commerce – Donation”, “Webform Payments”, “e-Commerce – Shipping API”, “EC Subproducts”, “iwsmile Payment Gateway for Ubercart”, “Correios”, “Commerce Pagamento Digital”, “e-Commerce Domain Access”, “e-Commerce – Moneris Payments”, “TatraPay”, “Commerce PayWay2 SOAR”, “Commerce ETS Emoney”, “Tripletex”, “commerce colissimo shipping”, “Groupon”, “Flagging Cart”, “Commerce IML”, “Commerce GdeSlon”, “Commerce Rewards”, “Commerce Product Type Fees”, “Cielo Integration”, “Post Affiliate Pro”, “Sponsoring 404”, “YellowCube”, “Commerce Swiss Post barcode”, “UC Heidelpay”, “Commerce cashpresso”, “Ubercart 3DSI EC-Linx Payment Gateway”, “Commerce File Batch Process”, “Commerce Tradedoubler”, “Payment PayEx”, “Commerce Smart Importer”, “Ubercart Make an Offer”, “Portal Plus Authentication”, “Ubercart CECA”, “Panopoly Paid Event”, “Commerce surcharge”, “Commerce Entity+”, “Sourcepoint”, “Commerce Forte”, “Commerce PayU Webcheckout”, “Commerce checkout order fields”, “ShippyPro – Drupal Commerce Shipping Integration”, “UC Alertpay Integration”, “Compete”, “Securepay.com.au”, “EBS Payment Gateway for Ubercart”, “Commerce Quantum Gateway”, “AmeriCommerce (formerly Spark Pay)”, “Campaign Tracker”, “Ubercart SenangPay Payment”, “Commerce TradeGecko”, “Commerce Caledon”, “Shop Integrator”, “Commerce Buckaroo Payment”, “Ubercart Included Tax”, “Ubercart cart bonus”, “Commerce Vantiv”, “Advertising Entity: Smart AdServer”, “Advertising Entity: Video Intelligence”, “Commerce Nodecopy”, “UC Price per char”, “Commerce Deploy Shipping”, “StoriedMaps Core”, “Ubercart Shipping Insurance”, “Commerce BIGINT”, “Commerce Pasargad”, “Commerce ML Starter DEMO”, ][/su_spoiler]

Target: This refers to one of the aforementioned supported services and it is where your data will sync to. Type the first letter of your service and it will automatically show.

For this tutorial we are using NetSuite as an example. Please bear in mind that a few fields shown here might be only relevant to a specific service and might not be showing for another e.g. Salesforce.

Endpoint: Enter the url of the target application (use the web address of your login page)

Email: The email you use to sign in

Password: The password you use to sign in (encrypted field)

These following two entries are specific to NetSuite. Sometimes these fields are required or they can be optional.


ApplicationID:Log into your NetSuite account, navigate to Setup > Integration > Manage Integrations. Create a new integration, and copy the Application ID.

Account: Your NetSuite account ID (Setup > Company > Company Information)

Recode Type: For our example of Netsuite this should be Web service