GUIDE: How to install MiragetLeads to your website

In today’s post we are going to offer a step-by-step guide how to install MiragetLeads to your website.


MiragetLeads is a B2B Lead Gen platform that monitors the traffic of your website and can identify the companies visiting it. Once a company is detected, it will show you the full profile of the business such as the name, website, industry sector, company size, location etc, as well as contact information.

But it doesn’t stop there. Powered by an ever improving AI algorithm it will show you employee emails as well as LinkedIn profiles so that your sales team is can engage timely with decision makers within the company before the competition.

MiragetLeads Portal Laptop


So let’s see how easy it is to install MiragetLeads to your business website.





  • STEP 1. Download the plugin.

By far the easiest method to install MiragetLeads to your website is with the use of one of our plugins.

We currently support the three major CMS; Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. You can download the plugins using the link below and simply add them to your website after you signed in as a user with admin rights.

MiragetLeads | Drupal Plugin

MiragetLeads | Joomla Plugin

MiragetLeads | WordPress Plugin


  • STEP 2. Login to your website

The next step is to sign in as an administrator to the website you wish to install the service for. Although the actual page will probably vary depending on the web technology used, CMS, non-CMS etc. but the principle is the exactly the same.

For a Drupal website you must usually navigate to:

Miraget Install Drupal Module - Admin Login


For a Joomla based website you need to navigate to:

Miraget Install Joomla Addon - Admin Login


Whereas for a WordPress site it will be something like


Miraget Install WordPress Plugin - Admin Login

were you enter your login details

And then install the plugin (or addon, module) from the relevant tab of your dashboard. You will simply have to browse to the file you just downloaded on your computer and upload it to your CMS.


Miraget Install Drupal Module



Miraget Install Joomla Plugin



Miraget Install WordPress Plugin


That’s it!


Now you just need to create your MiragetLeads account here in order to get access to your portal where you can monitor your leads.





MiragetLeads can be installed to any website even if it is built with a web technology other than one of the three aforementioned CMS.

In this case instead of a plugin you simply need to add a code snippet at the footer.

  • STEP 1. Copy the code.

In order for the Miraget service to be activated you must add the following short code snippet in your website.

Copy this code

  • STEP 2. Identify the setup type

There are several ways to add a code at online properties in MiragetLeads. The following methods explain how to set up the JavaScript code for different types of properties.

Static website
A static website is based on HTML that doesn’t change dynamically, and is NOT generated using a programming language like Python, Ruby, or PHP. Copy the JavaScript tracking-code snippet, and then paste the entire snippet. Don’t make any changes to the snippet. Paste the entire snippet into the HTML on your web pages, right after the closing HTML tag.

Dynamic website
A dynamic website is one for which the HTML is generated using a programming language like Python, Ruby, or PHP. You can use an include statement or template to push the code dynamically to each page. Find the JavaScript tracking-code and then copy the entire snippet. Don’t make any changes to the snippet. Paste the entire snippet into its own include file, then add the include statement to your page footer so that the snippet appears right after the closing HTML tag.

Using PHP?

Copy the JavaScript code and add it to a file named footer.php. Then include the footer.php file on each PHP template page. For each template page, immediately before the closing <footer> tag, add the following code:

<?php include_once(“footer.php”) ?>

Web-hosting service
Some Internet service providers or hosting platforms (such as WordPress, GoDaddy, Wix, Weebly, etc.) simplify tracking-code installation by offering plugins that automatically install it on your web pages. Review your platform’s instructions to add your MiragetLeads code. Here are the implementation instructions for some common providers. Although the instructions are written for Google Analytics, the process is the same for MiragetLeads. Just remember to install the code in the <footer> section when possible :

Related resources

The Miraget API documentation site is a great resource to learn more about how the code works.


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