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Miraget Leads

Miraget leads is a free open source and powerful plugin for websites, which performs data capture on users visiting your website anonymously from search engines. The plugin helps to reveal identity of their companies and their public contact details when available, and displays the data within WordPress in real time. There is no need to login an external platform to check your leads.


Go to the Plugins Menu in WordPress, Search for “Miraget Leads” Click “Install” Then activate it. And you will get automatically a new Token for using the plugin for free.

How to use

In the left panel,you can click on “Miraget Leads”, where you can check all the informations about the users who visted your web site, including country, Comapny, Domain, Device/os …etc. You have also the ability to check the charts showing statisitic about most visted pages, visits per country, by Os, by Devices and others useful datas. Download the datas as csv file …etc.

There also a settings page where you can edit the different options such as:

  • Token
  • access control ( who can see the vistors page)
  • keep history
  • exclude pages ..etc