The Top 5 Appointment Scheduling Apps and Booking Software

A survey from Hubspot CRM reported that most salespeople spend 21% of their day writing emails. Unnecessary emails and coordinating can take up a lot of that time. Just think of it for a moment. On an average 8 hrs working day that means approximately 1.5hrs per day i.e.7.5hrs a week or 32+hrs per month writing emails alone!

Tools like appointment scheduling apps and booking software help not only to automate the process of scheduling meetings with potential and existing customers but also save valuable time for sales team to focus on activities that contribute more to their targets.

So, why should you invest in an appointment scheduling app?

You’ll speed up your sales process by allowing prospects to book meetings when it’s best for them. And it makes it easier for people to schedule time with you by eliminating any unnecessary back-and-forth emails. Plus, many of these tools sync directly with your calendar and send out meeting reminders automatically.

Lets see some of the best appointment scheduling apps available on the market today.

If you’re in need of an excellent appointment scheduling app, here are the top choices. These apps had the highest ratings based on user satisfaction.

Each of the options below includes the following features:

  • Meeting scheduling tool that can be viewed, managed, and edited by multiple users and administrators
  • Multiple calendar views
  • Contact information can be gathered from those who book meetings
  • Booking and appointment notifications

1. Doodle

Price: $4.08/month for 1 user (Private), $5.75/month for 1 user (Small Business), $2.98/month/user for 5 users (Business)

This appointment scheduling software helps you find a time to meet that works for all attendees. The meeting host suggests meeting times, invite participants to indicate their availability, then the meeting host picks a final time. When the time is finalized, a calendar event is added to the host and meeting invitees’ calendars. Plus, there’s a dashboard feature where you can manage all the meetings you have.

Doodle best scheduling app

2. Acuity Scheduling

Price: $0/month for 1 user (Freebie), $15/month for 1 calendar (Emerging), $25/month for 6 calendars (Growing), $50/month for 36 calendars (Powerhouse)

Acuity Scheduling makes it easy to book appointments with clients and prospects. It’s an online assistant where prospects, customers, and clients can see your real-time availability and book their own appointments. The tool allows you to send customized confirmations that reflect your branding. And appointment reminders and follow-up messages can be sent via email or text message.

Acuity best scheduling app

3. Calendly

Price: $8/user/month (Premium), $12/user/month (Pro)

This appointment scheduling tool connects with your calendar to check your availability and

Calendly provides multiple meeting types like one-on-one, round robin, collective, and group meetings. It’s great for teams and provides team pages, metrics and reporting, and administrative features to manage bookings.

Calendly best scheduling app


Price: $10/calendar/month

Connect your Google Calendar or iCloud calendar to set your availability to create a booking grid and start booking meetings. Share the booking grid on your website, Facebook page, or via email. Add custom styling, use unlimited fields, and manage your bookings using advanced tools.

you can book me best scheduling app-1

5. HoneyBook

Price: $34/month, billed annually at $400

HoneyBook allows you to manage bookings throughout the entire sales process. You can book initial meetings with prospects and even send proposals, contracts, and invoices when they’re ready. It helps you manage your clients and HoneyBook integrates with other tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, and more.

HoneyBook Best Scheduling App-1