What is a Qualified Lead?

The definition of a qualified lead can vary from business to business. While some companies clarify this as a lead whose number has perhaps been verified, other businesses categorise a qualified lead as a customer who has been contacted by email/phone/linkedin, and so is further down the sales process.

As a rule of thumb for B2B purposes, a qualified lead, or Sales Ready Lead, as it is generally categorised, is a customer who:

a. Has shown Intent To Buy – direct search for the product or service
b. Filled-on A Form on one of our sites
c. Their details have been validated

This means that these leads are definitely interested in that product or service, have taken the time to request quotes and their contact details are correct. We then pass this lead to businesses that match their criteria so that their expert sales teams can complete the sale.

We see these leads as a great opportunity for businesses because the customer has a strong intent to buy. From analysing data over several years we have found that when these qualified or Sales Ready Leads are contacted quickly, there is a much higher success rate, so we recommend that businesses follow up swiftly.


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