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What is Miraget Leads for Drupal ?

  1. MiragetLeadsDrupal  is a lead capture module that turns your anonymous visitors into identified leads, the plugin  that adds a javacript file to the front-end (client side) which performs data capture on users visit. the data will be sent and saved in Miraget cloud service, which you can access and view later. you can also change the free token which have limitations, with a new token that you can get from Miraget website.

How to use

After installation, in Drupal admin panel, go to Extend , in the search bar type : “Miraget Leads Drupal”, you will click on “Configure” link to go to extend panel

Activate it :

and you will access the configuration page where you can view the service status, and a link to access your data.

you can also change the free token which has limitation on the amount of synchronised data …etc.

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