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What plugins do you use to generate B2B leads for WordPress ?

Lead generation tools can be best weapon for any businesses and can make your lead generation process effective and easier. As there are 1000s of tools available in market, selecting the right one is the most challenging task for any businesses. To make this process easier, I studied different lead generation tools available online and based on my research and answers provided by them, I have shortlisted few tools to share in this article. Please note that the tools included here are from different vendor and offers different functionality to enhance the lead generation process. Here I am not giving any warranty/guarantee of result, please choose tools based on your requirements and after studying their functionality in details. The motive behind sharing these lead generation tools is just to make your decision easier.

1. Miraget

Miraget is the only free B2B plugin generation for leads, based on IP reverse resolution, it automatically detect from which company the incoming traffic is generated , and it displays the contact details of the company.
Miraget has an Open API that can be used and also integrate with multiple technologies displayed here

2. Lead forensics
Leadforensics is another plugin that works on B2B lead generation and offers IP reverse resolution similar to Miraget.
Leadforensics offers a portal with enriched data with no free packages according to their website.

Communigator offers a platform for lead generation based on the IP similarly to Miraget and Leadforensics , it displaya info about the companies visiting your website.
The pricing of communigator is not avaiable on the website